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Ah, you finished setting up the blog?

I guess I’m open for the business now.

((New askblog. This will be my independence Fashion AU as my relaxing askblog. Hope you guys’ll enjoy it!))

Gilbert if your hungry and having a hard time cooking, I could help. Just tell me your craving or favorite food and I'll make it~

∑( `ヮ´;;;; ) O-Oi!! The awesome me is having no hard time! I’m just—- cutting onions is weird!! What kind of vegetables could make people cry anyways !?! 

Dont listen to the brit he lies.


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I see that you're struggling with cooking. Do you need help? I'm a great chef myself!

You can stay for dinner as my thanks—- if you didn’t set anything on fire

Gil I think before you wind up killing yourself trying to chop an onion you should just let someone else do it =w=;;; My mom taught me how to cook and stuff so maybe I can help out? Andprobablysaveyoufromslicingyourhandoff.

Well, I’m living alone so I eat with no one. Wouldn’t it be—-something for a girl cook for a boy? Nnnghn…

Cut it in half and then put the half so the onion doesn’t move and dice….
Chop it like it’s Satan.

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put olive oil on the knife before you cut the onion

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Have to do the Muggle way

soak the onions in water for 10 mins and then chop

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How does one cut onions?

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birdie- does birdie still like me- i feel like birdie may be mad at me and i dont know why ; v;

I’m not mad at you.

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