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and sorry for bother you with this…


I shall do my best then~!




How does it look?

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if you and Arthur did have a kid what do you think he or she would look?

Whoever has the Dragons out there, I wish you best luck.

People've been having lots of dragons lately... Do you think it's connected?

Well, might be. I’m hoping that there is no Dragon stealer or wrong people having them. Christoph keeps sending me Howlers ,which is noisy as heck, because of the matter.

He wanted to me to help gettting those dragons back, but you know. If those dragons wanted to be bonded with those new owners, I can’t do anything. Beside—- not like we received any complains though.

Do you want a dragon?

They are free creatures and no one can bond them down unless they choose to be.

I have been taking care of a lot of dragons as my part time job though. Now you mentioned it, the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures has been reporting that they lost tracks of a lot of dragons lately.

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Stop sending quizzes into my awesome inbox. I’m not a Ravenclaw nor a detective!


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Naked and happy :Y

I can moan too if you are wondering.

I've been a bit down lately. Possibly mood swing. Idk. Knowing someone else is happy usually cheers me up. So why not see a pic of my favorite Hetalia country while he is happy? Even if it cheers me up a little, it's better than I felt before.