Silvery Memories
It's a bit late but if you don't mind, may I have this dance, m'lady?

Certainly, it’s my honour.

I like your mask and your outfit. I didn't really have time to make anything other than a mask.


Pfft—-Don’t worry, with that mask you had shined bright perfectly already!

Having a good time, Love~?? *smile* *wearing snk uniform*


…Why are you wearing cosplay and where was your mask?

M-may I have this dance, madam ((If you're still doing these =3))

Of course, it’s my pleasure. Impressive costume you’re having by the way.

You're mask is so beautiful! Despite both of us being women, you wouldn't be opposed to a dance would you?

O-Of course not. 

It’s my pleasure, you’re really lovely as well.

Oh can I dance with you too? :DD


Awesome outfit you had there!

M-may I have a dance?

My pleasure, lil one.

*wearing a Masquerade Plague Mask* May I have this dance?


» Get your muse on my shirt




So i bought a big white shirt to use for painting and have some cloth markers home, reblog this with a message you want your muses to say and i’ll draw them in chibi on the shirt, i’ll try to draw as much as i can! For hetalia ask blogs only! I’ll post a pic of the shirt for every ten :00 Likes don’t count :I

((Hey gurls, wanna study for Biology?))

((“Look! I’m on a shirt!”))

((“Your shirt has been Slytherin-ed”)

May I have this dance?




(I wonder if he know it was me —- )